Albums Covers

[Pearls Of Passion Album Cover] The first album - Pearls Of Passion
[Dance Passion Album Cover] The remix album - Dance Passion
[Look Sharp! Cover] The second album - Look Sharp!
[Joyride Album Cover] The third album - Joyride
[Tourism Album Cover] The fourth album - Tourism
[Crash! Boom! Bang! Album Cover] The fifth album - Crash! Boom! Bang!
[Rarities Cover] B-sides & remixes collection - Rarities (February 17th, 1995)
[Don't Bore Us Album Cover] Greatest hits collection - Don't Bore Us - Get To The Chorus!
[Baladas En Espanol Album Picture] Greatest ballads album on Spanish - Baladas En Español
[Have A Nice Day Album Cover] The sixth album - Have A Nice Day
[Room Service Album Cover] The seventh album - Room Service
[The Ballad Hits Album Cover] Ballads Hits Collection - The Ballad Hits
[The Pop Hits Album Cover] Pop Hits Collection - The Pop Hits
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