Single: Salvation

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Fourth Single From Have A Nice Day (36-th Commercial Single)


12", 5"CD

Date Of Release

November 22nd, 1999

Countries Of Release




12" (FR Roxette Recordings Promo 8881456)
5"CD (NL Roxette Recordings Promo CDPRO 4237, SE Roxette Recordings Promo CDPRO 4242)
4:04 Salvation (Single Version)
(Only 150 copies without inlay of Swedish release were made)
5"CD (NL Roxette Recordings 8879202)
4:04 Salvation (Single Version)
3:46 See Me [lyrics]
5"CD (NL Roxette Recordings 8879200) (Enhanced Maxi Single)
4:04 Salvation (Single Version)
3:46 See Me
4:04 Crazy About You (Crash! Boom! Bang! Version)
4:55 Stars (Enhanced Video)

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